Sunday, March 21, 2010

in a mad world only the mad are sane

rankin photography


this makes me even more keen to start jewellery.

absolutely amazzinggggg.

this is the one for me

black tourmaline

- repels and protects against negativity
- teaches one to release all fears
- increases physical vitality, emotional stability,& intelectual acuity
- provides balance
- enhances practicality in creativity
- encourages self-confidence
- improves sleep
- eases compulsiveness

yes please.


cut out skull sweater

this girl is not only fucking creative but knows how to work it.

check her out

Saturday, March 20, 2010

if money grew on trees.

i'd get my mitts' on these;

aurelie bidermann - 18 karat gold-plated skull bracelet

camilla and marc - hart linen & silk blend jacket

solange azagury-partridge - marry me 18 karat gold ring

shakuhachi - crisscross patforms

3.1 phillip lim - silk sequin tuxedo jacket

vivienne westwood - activity copper ring

maniamania - stalactite ring

edson matsuo - aranha + neon

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


in art, a still life painting containing objects symbolic of the inevitability of death and the transience and vanity of earthly achievements and pleasures.

Fernando Vincente's work is extraordinarily fascinating.